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Trevor Cornpropst

Over 30 years ago, I had to give up my TR6 when I joined the Navy. When I decided I was going to get another one, I also searched for a good shop to do the hard stuff. I found both at Gassman Automotive. I not only found my car but, I also found Mike Gassman who is the most knowledgable and talented Triumph guy I’ve ever met. I bought my ’69 TR6 from Mike and told myself I would drive it for a year and get to know the car before I did any modifications. That lasted a month. Pretty soon I had developed a wish list of parts and restoration details that was, honestly, ridiculous.

When I approached Mike about the project, he said, shoot me your list and we’ll come up with a plan. He didn’t flinch. I think he was excited as I was to update the car with Richard Good’s outstanding parts. Basically, if Richard sells it, I bought it. Mike installed everything, including a full engine rebuild, restored the interior and engine bay, and got it all dialed in. Along the way, Mike provided input and suggestions that really brought everything together in the best way. He patiently explained everything and answered all of my questions, multiple times. His experience and love of these cars is invaluable. A lot of shops could have done the job but, none can touch the precision and care Mike Gassman put into my car. He made sure every detail was accounted for and done correctly, which is exactly what I wanted.

I just want to share a little more about Mike’s dedication and integrity. The work on my car was highly complex. Basically everything in the engine was rebuilt with high-performance parts. It is extremely difficult to get everything where it should be in terms of tuning on the first go. Mike did extensive road testing and tuning to get the car to the performance levels he achieved. Nonetheless, the triple Strombergs were a little off by the time I completed the two hour trip home. Mike came to my house and made the final adjustments himself. Oh, and by the way, he adjusted the motor mounts in my driveway. WHO DOES THAT?!

It was a true pleasure to find someone that shares my high standards and attention to detail to build my car. Thank you, Mike. And thank you to Katy and the rest of the crew. Job well done!

Trevor Cornpropst