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Gassman Automotive Products Ltd. is owned and operated by Mike and Glinda Gassman. It is home to 14 employees, many who have been here for almost two decades, and all who have extensive knowledge, passion, and an affinity for cars, both foreign and domestic. Many of the employees began their career by growing up around cars, or owning cars that they will never forget. There is over 250 years of combined experience behind the team at Gassman, and with the ever increasing demand for beautiful restorations and mechanical work, there is only room for growth.

Mike Gassman

Mike Gassman, Owner and Operator


Gassman Automotive Products Ltd. was opened by Mike Gassman in 1992. Mike has had a love of cars since a very young age. At 13, Mike spent two years restoring his first car, a 1969 Triumph TR6. After restoring the TR6, it has been a show winner in its finished state (from 31 years ago), and Mike has owned it ever since. He graduated from New River Community College with a degree in Machine Tech, and then went on to work for a machine shop for 3 years fabricating custom parts. When he was 19, he worked for a restoration shop for two and a half years in body work and paint. He then spent 8 years selling cars for Harner Wheels Nissan Subaru dealership. Mike is now happily married to Glinda Gassman, with two children; Amanda, 22, and Tommy, 26. Mike has an extensive background in body and paint, fabrication, machining and shares a passion, as his staff does, of returning vehicles to their original glory.







Glinda Gassman has been married to Mike Gassman for 5 years, and has been with the team ever since then. She continues to manage the office and the customers. The prettiest face in the building is always there to greet customers with a smile on her face and open arms. The rest of the team members feel as if they are family because of
Glinda. Between her kind heart and her love of cars and this company, Glinda is the glue that keeps us all together. Glinda previously worked in retail for 10 years and has much experience with customers and now cars.











David Walters, 46, has been with Gassman since August of 2011. He previously worked for a car parts dealer in Waynesboro for over 20 years, where he gained a majority of his knowledge of cars and car parts. After dealing with Gassman on a regular basis, he decided to join the company and expand his affection for cars. They have been a hobby of his since the age of 14. At Gassman, David specializes in restoration finish and assembly.








George Folks, 61, is the lead upholsterer for the shop. He has been with Gassman Automotive for 6 years. Growing up next to an upholstery shop, George began working for them at the age of 14. He discovered his love of upholstery there while working on automobiles, as well as aircraft. He owned his own business for 18 years before joining the Gassman team. He now is the master of an apprentice and does amazing upholstery work.










Johnny Simonetti, 49, attended Richmond Technical Center from ’87-’88, studying Auto body and paint. After school, he worked for a local car dealership for 2 years, a restoration shop for 9 years, and owned his own business in Churchville for 3 years. He grew up around cars, and knew that was what he loved and wanted to work around for the rest of his life. Johnny has now been with Gassman for 2 years, specializing in auto body and paint.










Dee Newcomb, 63, worked at a body shop for 10 years before deciding to attend Valley Vocational Technical Center for 2 years for auto body and paint. After school, he painted bread trucks for several years, painted parts at a factory for 2 years, and worked for an auto auction for 8. Shortly after, Dee joined Gassman and has been painting cars here for 18 years, where he specializes in Auto body and paint.











Tom Doyle, 51, attended Blue Ridge Community College for 2 years, and received an Associates of Applied Science in Automotive. After school, Tom worked for a car dealership for over 20 years. He found his love of cars after watching both his father and his grandfather work as mechanics. He began drag racing in 1986, and has been doing it ever since. Tom has been with Gassman Automotive for 4 years as a mechanic.










Chris Brubaker, 41, has worked with Gassman for 2 years. Previously Chris worked for a big name store for 8 years, as well as another family owned shop for 5 years, where he specialized in car audio, video, security, electronics, and fabrication. He is now a mechanic and parts manager, and spends his free time working on his 1972 Mini Cooper and his 1967 Austin Healey Sprite.









Bob Shiflet, has owned and restored British cars as a hobby since 1974 when he purchased his first Austin Healey. After retiring from the insurance industry, he joined Gassman Automotive in 2000. Bob worked as a mechanic, as well as dis-assembly and assembly of restoration projects. He also worked in the parts department, where he managed the extensive cache of new and used parts. Since 2011, Bob has been a part time member of the team, helping to keep the shop maintained and organized.













Katy English, 29 is responsible for designing the website, assisting Glinda with office work, and photographing and  documenting the progress of the shop.











Andrew Vest, 24, is part of the Gassman Automotive body shop team. He graduated from Rockbridge High School in 2013. Andrew has been working on body and paint work on cars for 2 years now. He started working on cars because he says he enjoys making things nice again. Andrew owns 9 cars himself, and is very ambitious in his car endeavors. He hopes to have them all in running condition within the next few years.









Brandon Tyree, 32, joined the Gassman Automotive team in October of 2014. He is now our resident metal fabricator and welder. Brandon previously worked for Gassman Automotive a few years ago in our body shop, and has since had his time in school and experience of metal working including a year and a half at Walker Manufacturing. Brandon has training in TIG and MIG welding, and fabrication.