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1970 Shala-Vette

1970 Shala-Vette

The “Shala-vette” was born when Dick Dean, famous automobile designer and custom car builder, and George Barris collaborated to make a “kit” version of the ever popular Volkswagen – the Shalako. Several versions were made following the initial Shalako, including the Shala-vette. Only 10 or so Shala-vette bodies were ever manufactured, and as always, Gassman Automotive has acquired, and is restoring/modifying one of them. Thus far, Gassman has built a complete frame complete with modern suspension, fabricated a sports roadster tonneau, and is currently redesigning an aluminum frame for the windshield as well as new headlights.

February 28, 2013:

A new floor, wall, and compartment behind the seats is being built including a motorized door revealing the compartment.