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1957 Triumph TR3A

Please scroll down for photos of restoration

October 9, 2019: 

The rest of the car and panels have been painted. The red is stunning. Body has also been wet sanded and buffed, and will head to the assembly department very soon!

September 26, 2019:

The body work is done, whole car has been primed, sanded, body work finished, and is getting painted today.

August 27, 2019:

 After dis-assembly, the car was marked for all the metal and body repairs that needed to be done. Body and metal work began in the last 2 weeks or so, and a lot has already been completed. The trunk gap has been corrected, several areas of rust have been replaced or repaired, the battery box was installed and welded in correctly, and lots of body work completed on miscellaneous panels.

April 19, 2018: 

The car has been dis-assembled and restoration has commenced!