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1957 AC Ace Bristol

This AC was raced in the famous Le Mans race, and has particular importance in the racing history. With a racing past comes an entirely new set of challenges as the restoration begins. Gassman will be restoring the car to concours condition to honor the history of this beautiful vehicle.

Please scroll down for photos of the restoration.

December 23, 2019:

Metal work has been completed, body work has been completed, the body tub and parts such as doors, trunk have been painted. After being painted, the entire car has been wet sanded and buffed and glistens like no other! The car has been moved to our re-assembly department and re-assembly will begin.

January 29, 2018: 

Metal work has begun on this car, first by centering and rebuilding the grille and front end of the car.

April 24, 2018:

Metal work continues. The front end of the car has been almost completely rebuilt with newly fabricated panels to make the car symmetrical and true. The right side of the car is currently undergoing a similar process. The front right fender is being re-fabricated from new sheet metal, as well as the rocker panel, and the inner frames.