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1952 Singer

The Singer is undergoing a partial restoration and  now has a running engine, and is beginning dis-assembly to repair the wooden frame.

Please scroll down for photos of the restoration.

April 17, 2019:

The rest of the body tub and panels have been painted, the tub has been re-installed on the frame, and re-assembly has begun! George has been working to custom fabricate new seat covers and upholstery.

February 6, 2019: 

Metal work is complete, body work is complete, panels such as fenders and running boards have been painted. After discovering a small patch of original color paint, the restoration changed direction. We originally were going to restore it in the red it wore when it arrived, but the original paint has led us to discover the rarity of that color and thus of this car. The engine and suspension have been removed for the frame to be sandblasted, primed, and painted. It is being re-install/assembled. Once re-assembled, the body tub will be painted all assembled as to preserve the hard work of fitting all the panels together.

September 6, 2017:

Metal work has begun first by adjusting all of the cars panel gaps including the hood, doors, and trunk. Metal inserts have also been fabricated and installed inside of the doors as braces.

January 23, 2017: 

The car has returned from the woodworkers shop and the frame restoration is complete.

June 17, 2015:

Frame restoration is coming along nicely.

March 30, 2015:

The car is now in the woodworkers shop to have the frame restored.

March 17, 2015:

 A majority of the interior has been removed, as well as the exterior panels. Dave and Kenny are now removing old nails from the wood around the floor boards in preparation of repairing the frame.

March 9, 2015:

Dis-assembly begins!