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1967 MGB


The most desirable MGB’s are the 1967’s. The reason is, it is the last year of the early interior with low seats and the wrinkle finished metal dash. This is the most cosmetically pleasing version of the MGB, and is basically as it is was originally designed. In 1968, they added the “Abington pillow dash” which was a very obtrusive padded dash that was required for federal laws for safety. It was very unattractive and unfortunate. The other reason the 1967 is very desirable is because it has the 5 main bearing engine, which remained in production exactly as installed until 1981, but the later cars slowly received more emission control and lower compression, to the point where they became very sluggish.

This car is an exceptional 1967 MGB roadster that has received a complete total restoration, and has a later, somewhere around 1969, overdrive transmission that has been installed. The car is completely rebuilt with leather interior, chrome wire wheels, Stayfast canvas top and tonneau, and also has an aftermarket hard top included. It is primrose yellow with tan leather interior, extremely correct and properly restored. The person who restored it spent 5 years doing it and intended to keep it for the rest of his life, however health reasons forced him to sell. This car is ready for a new owner to enjoy right away!

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