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1956 AC Ace Bristol

This all matching numbers AC# BEX176, which is fitted with a Bristol engine, is now being restored to its original specifications. While the car was purchased in great condition, the owner loves his cars to be as they were when they left the factory. This car was originally painted black and fitted with an off-white interior, and was the only Ace made in this color combination. Along with a change of paint and interior colors, we will be re-chroming bits, replacing hoses and rubber, checking suspension, new tires, Jet Hot coating headers and exhaust, rebuilding all gauges and switches, rebuilding the carburetors, replacing fuel system as necessary.

Please scroll down for photos of the restoration.

September 19, 2018:

Body and paint work have been completed, and re-assembly has begun. The engine and some ancillaries have been installed including a complete new exhaust system. Suspension and new black wheels and tires are installed. Installation of chrome and lights have begun. The dash has been recovered and newly rebuilt gauges have been installed. The interior is being completed prior to installation.

July 19, 2017:

Body work continued for some time, and as research was being conducted we realized the shape of the front nose was incorrect. Body work was stripped from the front of the car and the nose was removed and re-shaped to be correct. Once that was completed, we noticed that the headlights were uneven, so the left headlight is being “relocated” higher up so the car is even and square.

January 23, 2017:

Body work has begun on the car and continues quite nicely. As the body work is completed, we are piecing together information from other similar Aces to make sure this car is as historically correct as possible.

October 25, 2016:

A large portion of the front right fender was replaced due to the belly being stretched and unable to be shrunk, a large chuck on the rear left quarter panel was fabricated and replaced as well. Brandon continues replacing/repairing other areas of question to make this body as perfect as possible.

October 20, 2016:

The car has been moved over to the metal shop for repairs. There were several areas with stretching, holes, or simply that need to be replaced.

September 22, 2016:

Car has been dis-assembled and most of the paint has been stripped from the body exposing bare metal. Dee and Andrew continue removing the last of the paint.