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1955 MGTF


This car has spent almost its entire life in the dry climate of the West, having never spent one night outside. The car was the beloved jewel of a lady owner who saw the same fascination in her niece and eventually willed the car to her. She spent almost 8 months of the year in Greece, and kept the car in her garage covered up lovingly. The car has never seen an accident or any damage whatsoever. I was completely blown away by the fact that it still has its original braided fuel lines, not reproductions, that are now 60 years old and still work perfectly. The letter scanned is from the owner, who verifies the car has only traveled 21,000 miles in its entire life. This car is without a doubt the best MGTF I have ever seen and must be one of, if not the best in the world. The past few years has seen these cars in restored condition rise to well over $65,000. Original cars, which are so extremely rare, generally command much more than a restored car, much in the same way antique guns and furniture go. This car is offered for $68,000, and is a true once-in-a-lifetime chance for a discerning collector. Never again will cars like this be available new and while anyone can have a restored one, only one person is going to be able to own a completely original, preserved gem.

MGTF’s have always been the most highly sought after of the T series cars. With the 1500cc car being the crown jewel. I have personally never seen a 1955 British sports car in the condition of this vehicle. It is after a complete testing of every panel on the car (4-5 mils thick) original paint with only a few small chips touched up. The interior is almost too good to believe. Original carpets, not faded and not moth eaten. The patina of the leather is exquisite. The overall interior is stunning, finished in the original bright red which contrasts with the dove gray paint. It is easy to look at a 65 year old car and accept original paint that is not perfect, in this case not only is it original, but it is unbelievably shiny and even hard to believe that they were ever this good. The convertible top appears to be original, and even though stained from age, is not ripped and is not dry rotted. The car is on original Dunlop RS5.60-15 tires. It starts and runs fantastic.

POA – Price on Application

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